I’ve never worked with a coach before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Tanya comes open-minded and with no preconceptions. She is easy to talk to; she may guide and ask questions but you control where you want the conversation to go. For me, a life- long pursuit of perfection and a fear of failure combined to create a highly anxious approach in my day-to-day job. Tanya, with great patience and insight, helped provide an alternative approach I could take, one with more importance placed on self-care. As a result, I am able to be more kind and patient with myself, and put the focus where it needs to be- in being my most recharged and compassionate self for others, instead of being perfect.
— Tina P., Program Manager
Tanya has an innate ability to listen to not only what is being said but also how it is being said. As we worked through my thoughts and emotions around my career derailment and health, she quickly picked up on the feelings and emotions behind the words, and encouraged me to dig deeper. We worked through my fears as they appeared, and she guided me towards better health and more focused career choices.
— Denise Q., Executive Coach and Consultant
Before I started coaching with Tanya I was experiencing anxiety and fear around the timing and implementation of a big step for me in the development of a new business. The added stress came from being in the midst of a major life transition at the same time. Through coaching, Tanya helped me see that I could choose the timing of what to focus on—the business development, or the transition. She helped me to develop a plan that would allow me to schedule intentional time periods for both, without short-changing either focus. The end result has been release of the anxiety, fear and stress, a feeling of empowerment, and accomplishment of important tasks/pieces in both areas. Thank you Tanya!
— Jackie B., Transition Coach
Tanya is an empowering and insightful coach! She is a paradigm shifter! I was in a place in life with too much to handle, and I felt stuck and unsatisfied with just being “good enough” at the things I was doing. I had a real lack of life and energy. Tanya, in her brilliant and sensitive way, first accepted me, and brought out points of myself that I didn’t see. She empowered me to see amazing new possibilities and opportunities for myself.
— Yossi S., Rabbi
Working with Tanya is enormously rewarding. Her insights and her personal warmth, along with the techniques she teaches, enabled me to approach my professional challenges with calmness, consideration and greater self-esteem. Most importantly, she’s helped me to reach the right outcome.
— Ben C.
I was feeling stressed out due to my job and part time business. I didn’t feel like I was progressing. Tanya taught me relaxing and breathing techniques that made me think more clearly. Not only did it help, but since I’ve done mindfulness coaching with her, I feel more energized and happier. I definitely recommend her as a coach.
— William M., Supply Chain Manager & Real Estate Investor
It’s a pleasure to recommend Tanya Valle as a life coach. Before coaching, I was not focused on my life goals. Early on Tanya worked with me to take a look at my values on a personal and professional levels. By examining my values, we were able to look at my life as it was and where I wanted to go.

Every great person has had someone illuminate the qualities they have within themselves and coach them to point out the things we say and bring them to light. This is what Tanya did for me.

Tanya’s attention to detail was seen at every level throughout the coaching process. She is a great listener and asked poignant questions to facilitate the coaching process. Her background in meditation also helped with getting centered during some of our coaching sessions.

Tanya is a phenomenal coach who helped me boost my confidence in myself to pursue my immediate and long-term goals. By aligning my values with my goals there was constant accountability for the things that I want to achieve.

If you are looking for a coach with intuitiveness, skill and grace, Tanya Valle is the coach for you.
— Regine G., User Experience Designer